Message from the Managing Partner

About Us

To be the Managing Partner of a progressive skilled laborer providing firm as Eshaman Manpower is a position that is extremely coveted. Standing at this position where you support the decision of the other party and allow them to ace in that domain, I am grateful that the choices made by Eshaman Manpower have been intelligent and notable at every step.

From the very moment of inception, we have targeted our energies towards securing the future of qualified and skilled youth from African domains as Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South – East Asian nations as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan – to name a few. By starting new innings in Nepal, we have just capitalized on the primary terrain of raw workforce and intend to divert that energy in a positive manner to our clients from the Western and Middle-East.

Eshaman Manpower has been at the top of its game, and we are currently drawing up a new set of strategies which will integrate our core ideas with the current comprehension of competitive market, thereby elevating our standards.

If leaders are people who guide in the correct manner, it is the managers who work on that correct guidance. With the same courage and tactic that we had started with, our company intends to move forth in the direction shown by our mentors and demanded by our clients.

Smita Basu

-- Managing Partner

"Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value."

-- Albert Einstein