Message from the Executive Director

Being in this position as the Executive Director of Eshaman Manpower and standing up to the expectations of numerous individuals is a duty that I humbly enjoy performing. Associated with this firm, from its inception in 2017, our primary aim has been to cater to the requirements of our clients with utmost proficiency. We are proud to state that we stand tall in this regard and wish to bear the flagship of our organization for a longer period of time.

Being in this position, it is a personal notion that I have garnered, that every time we honor our commitment and speak our mind to ensure that our work process is carried on without a glitch, there are a thousand others who echo the same. Highlighting our primary motive of generating skilled workforce from South –East Asian and African nations, we intend to provide our clients with a set of individuals, who will improve the productivity of their firms.

Along with quality, it is our correct strategizing, reading and comprehending the market conditions and targeting areas that matter the most – helps us reach the peaks of success.

Eshaman Manpower is a workforce providing firm which has and will cater to the requirements of this competitive market.

About Us

Leading this flag of leadership, I wish to be a part of that apparition which transforms every vision to a reality!

Mr. Resham Khulal

-- Executive Director

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

-- Eleanor Roosevelt