Agreement & Documents


Functioning under the license number, 1168/073/074 we at Eshaman Manpower follow a strict documentation policy with both our clients as well as the job seekers. While dealing with our offshore clients, our team ensures that the concerned party holds specific documents - Visa, Power of Attorney, Registration and Consular papers. Along with it, we invariably require a detailed Demand Letter for recruits so that when we connect them with our job-seekers, there is no legal issue associated with their job profile.

Only when our clients submit these documents to our team, that, we proceed to draw up the other terms and conditions that they have to fulfill.


We at Eshaman Manpower are registered with the government under the number of 163664/073/074. Therefore, as per norms set forth by the government, we have certain terms and conditions that we follow with our clients while supplying competent workers to our clients.

Our primary target with addition of this new feather in our cap is to extend the Nepali workforce to our specific set of clients. As a professionally transparent firm, we expect the same code of conduct and respect of our terms from the other party.